Nikhil Hogan Interview (Paper: Windows into Beethoven’s Lessons in Bonn)

Beethoven’s Eroica Sketches: A Form-Functional Perspective (2020)

Complete Video with Context

This video was made for presentation at the 2020 Society of Music Theory Conference. It demonstrates ideas from my dissertation. The video is ~24 minutes long.

Performances of individual continuity sketches

First Sketch

Continuity Sketch 1.1 page 11 of Landsberg 6

First Sketch (Alternate Viable Analysis)

Continuity Sketch 1.1 (page 11 of Landsberg 6) Alternate Analysis

Revision of First Sketch

Continuity Sketch 1.2 (page 11 of Landsberg 6)

Third Sketch

Continuity Sketch CS 1.3 (page 10 & 11 of Landsberg 6)

Music and Multimedia

Brother (2014)

In this video, I perform Beethoven’s Op. 57, Movement I (Exposition) “The Apassionata” while my brother lifts heavy objects in preparation for competing as the strongest man in the world.

Electronic Music for Film Example (Birth, 2004)

In this video, I composed new electronic music for the opening of the movie Birth (2004).